WizCard “The Alive Business Card” – Now available to Muggles


What is WizCard  ?

Well…this is what inspired it.



We thought it would be cool to bring to the Muggle world something long known to the Wizarding community (Do you really think they pass around arcane pieces of dead paper ? – what we call business cards)

WizCard is a location based app that enables people to Instantly Network.

It is your interactive business card.


It can talk, it can dance, it can seek out and connect.

In a nutshell, it minds your business for you.

Yes we know…it’s been tried before…many times.

Sure it has. But I daresay all of those (Camcard, scancard, vcf and 27 others) were focusing on the wrong end of the problem.

WizCard is NOT a digitization/scanning App (oh btw, we can scan too)

WizCard is NOT yet another Address Book management App.

Hate to say it…but think of it as a location based LinkedIn.

Don’t take our word for it. Go ahead try it out (should I say “please” )

Stop Discarding paper. Start Connecting with WizCard.


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