On your marks…

I suppose its fair to say that as a techie, its virtually impossible not to harbor notions of “doing your own thing”.
it was no different with me. Suffice to say that after several false starts, here I am at the starting line, ready, willing and able to run this marathon

As one looks around the landscape and finds a zillion startups doing (and ostensibly succeeding in) just about everything one can imagine, it’s easy to think “its easy”.
But boy!! It’s not.

Just getting to the start line has not been without its share of ups and downs, euphoria and self-doubt, pains and gains.

So here we are now – An idea to change something fundamental, an App ┬áin the store which attempts to lay the foundation for it, a vision to make it pervasive…backed by a burning desire to make it happen come what may.

Wish us Luck.

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